Becoming More Productive: The Secrets of Successful People Revealed

 Written by Brooke Potter, PMP, Six Sigma Black-Belt, a highly trained and experienced professional.  

This book contains practical, proven and time tested methods utilized by high achieving successful individuals to becoming more productive in their personal and professional lives. The following demonstrates the book’s layout:

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Habits, Routines and Productivity

A. What is a habit?

B. How are habits formed?

C. How long are habits formed?

D. Routine and Productivity

E. What are the benefits of following a routine?

Chapter 2: Starting the Day Right

A. Morning Habits of Successful People

B. How should my morning routine look like?

Chapter 3: Being Productive in the Office

A. Habits to look out for

B. Tips to be efficient in the work place

Chapter 4: Being Productive while Working at Home 

A. Productivity Strategies for Stay at Home Parents

B. Productivity Tips for Work from Home Individuals

Chapter 5: 8 Ways to Overcome Laziness

Chapter 6: 10 Tips to Develop Good Habits

Chapter 7: Routine Template


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