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1. Diphenhydramine


nothing at of , which is

2. E.Y.E. (Envy Youthful Energy)

E.Y.E. (Envy Youthful Energy)

everytime i feel like i'm getting better/i realize i'm still blinded by the cheddar/i feel like it's real life i am the weather/we still lie we still together/we kill lives we steal like it's off the ketel/one/time/to/make/sure/you/ain't/fake/e.y.e. yeah that's the motto, i know it's hollow, i know it's contro/versial to what is me and who i be is pinky rings/compared to y'all i'm far from grace, look at my face, yeah that's the waste/yeah time is wasted, so am i/i know i'm bright/yeah that's the lie/but i'm alive, and so are you/i think i read too much camus/i'm/so/soundclouded out/at this point i'm hollow/pointed and blacking out/be disappointed e.y.e. yeah that's my shit/don't look at me, i am no bitch/we envy youthful energy/so if you feel it, sing with me//e.y.e. that's who i am/don't look at me, i am no man/we envy youthful energy/so fuck your authenticity sometimes i think i should go to church/cuz i just don't put in work/i know i am better than/a slow witted charlitan/i know i can kill god that's who i am/that's just how it plays out/i'm so high, the fake out/on facebook, you fakes look/like pasta to me, so fuck y'all, i'm ratatouille/still drinkin, still thinkin, imposter fooling/i'm... not even sure what i'm supposed to do, so fuck you and fuck yo whole fuckin crew/ i'll beat ya punk ass til you black and blue/what matters now is how we get out/poverty won't let me see the clouds/kill em and then look behind/bitch i know i'm out my mind/bitch get excited why/bitch because i've arrived/i won't let em kill my vibe/check the eyes, check the eyes

nothing at of , which is