From 0 to 130 Properties in 3.5 Years

With more than 160 000 copies sold, From 0 to 130 Properties in 3.5 Years is Australia’s highest selling real estate book — ever!

Scores of investors have used Steve McKnight’s wealth building information to discover how to achieve their financial dreams. Now it’s your turn.

Using his incredible real-life account of how he bought 130 properties in 3.5 years, McKnight reveals how you can become financially free by using cash and cashflow positive property.

Revised to incorporate the latest highly effective strategies, and rewritten to include 16 brand new chapters, this revised edition reveals:

  • How to create a positive cashflow property portfolio from scratch — even if you have little money and no experience
  • Steve’s New 1% Rule — a simple four-step process for finding positive cashflow properties
  • Exactly what and where to buy if you want to maximise your profits
  • How to protect your wealth and save tax
  • And much, much more …
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