Green Giants

What do Brazil’s top beauty brand, America’s second-fastest-growing restaurant chain, and the world’s third bestselling car have in common? They are shattering the myth that acting sustainably and building a billion-dollar business are mutually exclusive.

Green Giants examines nine companies that are merging social responsibility with wild profitability—and reveals the six factors responsible for their success, including:

  • Iconoclastic Leadership fueled by deep conviction and a rebellious streak
  • Disruptive Innovation that uses sustainability to spur the development of radically better products and services
  • A Higher Purpose that ignites the company—when the mission leads, profits follow
  • Mainstream Appeal with positioning and packaging stripped of the crunchy cliches that alienate the average customer.

This new breed of billion-dollar businesses proves it’s possible to achieve enormous success while implementing sustainable principles that help consumers live better lives. Ranging from start-ups to business lines incubated within major multinationals, these companies collectively represent over $60 billion in revenue. What’s more—many command wider profit margins and are growing faster than their conventional counterparts.

Packed with eye-opening research, exclusive interviews, and enlightening examples from Chipotle, Toyota, Unilever, Tesla, General Electric, and more, Green Giants serves as a blueprint for sustainable success that anyone can follow.

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