Her Journey (Speaker for Nature Chronicles) (Volume 1)

My Princess, although I do know your purpose, that is not my place to tell. ‘He That Is Good’ will tell you in His own way. I do know that first you must complete a journey to mold your soul. Then you must make the choice to follow His will. After your choice has been made, you must act on it without hesitation and without fear. You will then fulfill your purpose.

Emberlynn is a dreamer, an only child living on a farm with her loving parents and faithful dog Tu. On the day before her seventeenth birthday, she is given a present that changes everything. Her entire world is turned upside down.

Pursued by Chronos, a creature not of her world, Emberlynn finds herself in a strange land filled with new friends, mythical strangers, and two men who will do anything to win her love.

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