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1. Bla Bla Bla

Bla Bla Bla

Direction, art and animation: Gina Thorstensen and Nacho Rodríguez Desig of the Escafandra character: Enriqueta Llorca Sureda Musicvideo for the mexican band Jumbo. 2011

2. Mister Coo musicvideo: Ça Ça Mirlaquerr

Mister Coo musicvideo: Ça Ça Mirlaquerr

Music video for [Lo:Muêso]. The song is 'Ça Ça Mirlaquerr' from their album 'Giant Catarzêe'. Directed and animated in Flash by Nacho Rodríguez, and featuring Mister Coo for the first time in a musicvideo.

3. Gotye - Giving Me A Chance - official video

Gotye - Giving Me A Chance - official video

Film clip for the Gotye song Giving Me A Chance, from the album Making Mirrors Animated and directed by: Gina Thorstensen & Nacho Rodríguez Music credits: Produced by Wally De Backer Mixed by Andy Stewart at The Mill, Gippsland, VIC, Australia Drums, bells, wineglass, synth bass, omnichord, vocals: Wally

4. Javiera Mena - Espada

Javiera Mena - Espada

I did some of the graphics & compositions in Javiera Mena's "Espada", directed by Luis Cerveró, together with the post-production team: Álvaro Posadas, Nacho Naya, Joan Guasch; and the 3D artist: Iria Rodríguez.

5. Los enamorados

Los enamorados

Direction, art and animation: Gina Thorstensen and Nacho Rodríguez Musicvideo for spanish band Pumuky. Jabalina Records 2009. -Shortlisted for the spanish MTV music awards 2009 -Third prize in the category "best animated music video" at the International Musiclipfestival in Barcelona


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  • Duration: 54

Directed by Manson Concept and Art Direction by Sawe Animators: Genís Rigol Nacho Rodríguez Rubén Paniagua Soundtrack: Trafalgar13 Production Company: Volga Agency: Soon In Tokyo NOTE: Originally conceived as a branded content short film, "Twerkilator" got rejected by the client, so what's shown here is a director's cut with some tweaks. Share if you like twerk :)

7. El Rey Del Mambo y la Reina de Saba

El Rey Del Mambo y la Reina de Saba

Videoclip for Klaus & Kinski made by Nacho Rodríguez (, Gina Thorstensen ( and Emma Kidd ( Produced by Jabalina Records

8. SOLVIA - Cuento

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  • Duration: 20
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SOLVIA - Cuento

Client: Banc Sabadell - SOLVIA Agency: SCPF Production Co: VOLGA Director: Manson Art Direction: Manson DOP: Pau Castejon Set Design: Anna Auquer 2D Animation: Nacho Rodriguez Postproduction & Color Grading Co: User T38 Nuke Artist: Joaquín Gutiérrez Color Grading: Adriana Solé

9. Mandolin x Nacho Rodriguez

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  • Duration: 169
  • By Martin Levi

10. PICNIC - English Subtitles

PICNIC - English Subtitles

Cast: Sveta Zhukovska, Nacho Medina, Alejandro Rodríguez, Irene Paumard. Written and Directed: Gerardo Herrero Pereda. Photography: Rafa Reparaz. Editing and Sound: Kurro Gonzalez. Music: Luis Herrero (The Youth) Production: Mintxo Díaz and Gerardo Herrero.

11. 04x10 Noviembre 2013: Irene Aranda / Nacho Rodriguez

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  • Duration: 800
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04x10 Noviembre 2013: Irene Aranda / Nacho Rodriguez

Irene Aranda / Nacho Rodriguez: Show me the money Trabajamos para empresas con unos objetivos, que han de ser económicamente sostenibles y que pueden llevarnos a un nivel desconocido de “creación”.

12. Bla bla bla videoclip for Jumbo

Bla bla bla videoclip for Jumbo

3rd videoclip by Nacho Rodríguez ( and Gina Thorstensen ( This time for mexican band Jumbo. Once more we mix tecniques: flash, ink, illustration, stop motion, rotoscopy and puppets. With great inspiration from Enriqueta Llorca (

13. Take Away Show #109 _ ONDA VAGA (preview version)

Take Away Show #109 _ ONDA VAGA (preview version)

Buenos Aires, february 2010 a film by vincent moon images by vincent moon sounds by carla sanguinetti & hernan siseles edit by diego bliffeld & carla sanguinetti mix by nacho rodriguez

14. Spotify - Canada 150 - Director's Cut

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  • Duration: 15
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Spotify - Canada 150 - Director's Cut

We were commissioned by Spotify to tribute Canada's 150th birthday. Client: Spotify Director: Device Illustration: Jose Mendez Cell Animation: Nacho Rodríguez Clean Up: Device Music: Aimar Molero _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Visit us: Follow us:

15. Every song bird says

Every song bird says

We made this music video for Sam Beam (Iron and Wine) and Jesca Hoop in record time, just 5 weeks. From the album 'Love letter for fire', SubPop records Co directed by Nacho Rodríguez and Sara López.

16. CONTRACUERPO de Eduardo Chapero-Jackson

CONTRACUERPO de Eduardo Chapero-Jackson

Protagonizado por MACARENA GÓMEZ, Fotografía JUAN CARLOS GÓMEZ, Arte NACHO PASTOR, Música PASCAL GAIGNE, Sonido DAVID RODRÍGUEZ, Producción Ejecutiva BEGOÑA CUESTA, Producido por PEPE JORDANA, Escrito y Dirigido por EDUARDO CHAPERO JACKSON PREMIO AL MEJOR CORTOMETRAJE EN: X Los Angeles Latino, XXXIII Bahia-Brasil, Angers-France, Magma-Italy... y con más de 40 premios.

17. Lodden Land - the pilot

Lodden Land - the pilot

This video was part of the installation "Pays en peluche" in the French Art Day in Øksnehallen, Copenhagen 2014 Direction and artwork: Gina Thorstensen Animation: Gina Thorstensen and Nacho Rodríguez Music by Djana Vallespir

18. Primer tráiler de SEIS PUNTOS SOBRE EMMA

Primer tráiler de SEIS PUNTOS SOBRE EMMA Primer avance de "Seis puntos sobre Emma", ópera prima en el largometraje de Roberto Pérez Toledo. Con Verónica Echegui, Álex García, Fernando Tielve, Nacho Aldeguer, Mariam Hernández, Paloma Soroa, Blanca Rodríguez, Mabel del Pozo, Sofía Valero y Antonio Velázquez. La canción "Pez de plomo" es cortesía de Magnética.

19. A Lifestory (trailer)

A Lifestory (trailer)

(this is a trailer, the full clip is here: 'A Lifestory' is an adventure based on an ancient poem. Animated and directed by Nacho Rodríguez , song composed by Abelardo Fernandez Bagüés , objects and backgrounds by Sara López It's a mix of Flash animation, stop motion and After Effects.

20. First Sunday Session September 1st, 2013

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  • Duration: 204
  • By Daniel Scarano
First Sunday Session September 1st, 2013

First Sunday Session at Compton Skatepark September 1st, 2013. Shot and Edited by Daniel Scarano. Featuring: Russell Day, Jeremy Soderburg, Miguel Ramos, Jose Arce, Kenny Sotelo, Joe Jimenez, Erick Rodriguez, Daniel Rosado, Steven Cortez, Tim Franken, Nacho Romero, Lewis Bowden, Jeff Stockwell, Marcus Benavides, Kruise Sapstein, Omar Wysong, Oscar Sosa, and Damon Franklin.