Pipe and Pestle: A Sam Archer Novel

My name is Sam Archer. I run an occult shop, I deal with demons, and I authenticate occult artifacts. Sometimes, I’m not sure which is more dangerous. I live in a world of magic and monsters, but I’m not one of them. I have to survive on my wits, my knowledge of what I’m getting into, and Stacy, a fetish-obsessed demon who likes to ride along in my head making wisecracks, offering advice, and laughing at my pain. I feel like I’m cursed with getting in over my head.


I thought dealing with this pipe would be a simple thing: authenticate it, buy it for my client, call it a day. I didn’t expect my client to get killed or become a suspect in the murder. I didn’t intend to owe one of the scariest people in Minneapolis a favor. Wizards and elves, creatures of Egyptian lore and Russian myth—this is my life. Then again, if life was supposed to be easy, God wouldn’t have created Guinness and cigarettes.

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