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I think this is like my first ever real shitpost. I hope y'all enjoy.

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3. [ GUITAR & VOCAL COVER ] Suzumu Feat. Soraru - Zetsubou Hero Chiryouyaku

[ GUITAR & VOCAL COVER ] Suzumu Feat. Soraru - Zetsubou Hero Chiryouyaku

Happy Halloween! I released a cover of one of my favorite anime endings, Zetsubou Hero Chiryouyaku from Danganronpa to commemorate this occasion! I thought since this series is so near and dear to my heart and that I would cover it! Vocals: Mylez Dimitrovski Guitar: Mylez Dimitrovski Lyrics: Jefferz Lyrics: “So tell, me what, it is, you’re hoping to find?” A question only known to be the root of a lie The world has started falling around me Will I ever get to see it like before? The vices, that, I hide, are blocking the way But you just laugh and say they’re fairly there for the trade I’ve given up, temptation’s too much I’ll do what it takes to keep going on Simon says to just play his game Our pleads and cries are left to slowly die Learning that the task, of fate is in our hands Do I put their lives before mine? Whilst dancing to the tune of fear and despair ahead This reality is just a delusion set By the one who seeks out the truth behind us What’s the point in tricking our own? We just can’t help it Thinking back on dreams from my childhood To become a hero echoes an “Upupu” As the wish, escapes my lips I see that words are just an idiot’s reason to look to the unknown Equipment: Microphone: Shure SM7B Guitar: ESP LTD M-100FM Interface: Line 6 Toneport UX2 DAW: POD FARM 2.50 Recording Software: Adobe Audition CC 2013

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4. [ Guitar Cover ] Aggretsuko - Opening

[ Guitar Cover ] Aggretsuko - Opening

Since I enjoyed this anime so much, and I heard that it was getting a second season, I decided to do a little cover! I did everything here except drums, as I am currently unable to play drums! EQUIPMENT: [ ]

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5. Tominaga Hiroaki - Sono Chi No Sadame [ TV - SIZE ENGLISH COVER ]

Tominaga Hiroaki - Sono Chi No Sadame [ TV - SIZE ENGLISH COVER ]

Is that a Jojo's reference? Why yes it is! Lyrics: Jonathan Young Vocals: Mylez Dimitrovski Microphone: Shure SM7B Recording Software: Adobe Audition CC 2013 Lyrics: (Jojo! Jojo! Jojo!) (Jojo! Jojo! Jojo!) Brothers Two stars who run across all the heavens in the night In the serving, the service of the dark, in the service of the light. And the ripples echo together as they're burning bright! And the sun will lead the way for all of those who seek a path into glory! And the sacrifice to pay for all who would pursue, a way to rise above! (Jojo! Jojo! Jojo!) Throbbing hearts are always ever burning as if they were in flames. The pulse that's ever beating from their palms! The courage that is pumping through their veins! With bravery embraced, the blood that holds their fate! Sono Chi no Sadame! JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOJO! (Jojo! Jojo! Jojo! Jojo! Jojo! Jojo!)

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6. Voice Acting Tips

Voice Acting Tips

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7. [ Guitar Cover ] Fhana - Aozora No Rhapsody ( Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid OP )

[ Guitar Cover ] Fhana - Aozora No Rhapsody ( Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid OP )

I've wanted to do this cover for a hell of a long time, and I never seemed to have it right, but now I believe it's decent enough to release! Hope you like! EQUIPMENT:

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9. [ GUITAR COVER ] Casey Lee Williams - This Will Be The Day

[ GUITAR COVER ] Casey Lee Williams - This Will Be The Day

Been a while since I last posted here! So I thought it would be high time that I did! Hope you like this cover of RWBY's original opening, "This Will Be The Day"! EQUIPMENT:

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10. Mylez Dimitrovski: Another Year In Review!

Mylez Dimitrovski: Another Year In Review!

Hey there you guys, It's Mylez, also known as FlamingGuitar14 or PurpleHatWithPins in some other realms of the internet. Now, this is another "Year In Review" video, much like I had last year. This one however is a wee bit different because of the experiences I had this year. So yes, buckle up for this weird and wacky ride. 2014 was a really strange year, to be perfectly honest. It was kind of a recovery year from the horrid year I had last year.So yeah, this year was a bit of a step up from that. In January, I finally made my rise to glory musical parody video combining the elements of Fullmetal Alchemist and the ever-popular Frozen known as "Do You Want To Build A Human" that was released on January 21st, 2014. And a day it was. I now have grossed nearly 130,000 views on it and I couldn't be happier. And yes, I also couldn't have done it without the help of my friend (@tatiurl​) which basically wrote the entire thing. I just got the credit of mixing, voicing and partially writing it. Anywho, I can't thank you enough for all the support you guys have given it and was a fun ride making it. February had rolled around, and I had turned 21. 21 is a big age because now you are free to basically do whatever legal stuff you want. Like, I can now drink in every single country. And to be able to have that freedom excited me. It was wonderful. I don't think I really did too much after that other than have my birthday. March had rolled around and my Dad decided that it would be a good idea to start enrolling me in a new college, but the thing was he put me in the colleges I wanted ever since I starting voice acting. And the requirements were extremely high and definitely something I couldn't do without time and the formal training. I had to go through some strenuating excersizes, I had to have two contrasting monologues memorized, as well as present them. It was pretty crazy. So after all the auditioning I did, I didn't get into any of the colleges I wanted. Which was a major bummer. So my Dad got an email from the Dean of one of the colleges I auditioned saying I should take a course at George Brown that would help me. Slightly ecstatic, I said yes. April had rolled in and around, but the thing is, I don't remember much of April because it was such a blurry month. Plus no-one really does much in April anyways. May had come about and I had moved in to a brand new house [ more of the basement but you get the idea.], and basically everything was brand new. We were completely shocked to have been able to have this, and especially because our landlord is a baker down the road from us, so occasionally he'll give us bread for free, which is kinda awesome. Then, Anime North was upon me. I had the chance to see other Youtubers like @domics there which was really fun. I met up with some friends who also happened to be there and that was a cool thing. I also went to a Fullmetal Alchemist photoshoot and had a laugh or two about the parody with some cosplayers there. I also happened to sign my first autograph which was pretty amazing. I had honestly never signed anything in my life, other than one package for my Aunt, but that's about it. It was an amazing experience. Not to mention I bought a buttload of stuff, which was nice. June had rolled around and then my brother was free to come as much as he wanted because school had ended for him. We spent a lot of time together which was really nice. July had come and I was really loving it. My brother and I had a lot of fun, we swam, we played a fair amount of tennis... We ate a lot of Taco Bell... But yeah, we had a blast and July was kind of a fun month. August rolled in, and I was getting nervous about school. The jitters and all that. Since I hadn't been in school for nearly 8 months, it was just creeping on me and I felt like my holiday was kind of just... wasted. Anyways, FanExpo was at the end of August and I was really excited to be able to get to go seeing as prices were jacked to hell, but you know conventions. I met my friend Christian which was pretty awesome. But then lo and behold, I lost my phone. I panicked, and spent the time I was GOING to spend on other things trying to find my phone. It wouldn't answer, it wouldn't pick up, and I was mad, and scared and just plain frustrated. I did however get to meet Vic Mignogna again, and Steve Blum. I showed him a voice or two while he was signing my stuff. It was awesome! I basically came home with barely enough to get home. It was nuts. I did however, get a bunch of stuff as well, which was preeeeetty awesome I must admit. September finally reared it's ugly head and I was dreading going to school because it took nearly an hour and a half to get there. So I came almost like 3 or 4 hours early in panic I wasn't gonna be there on time. So I stayed for nearly 4 hours waiting for all of the other students to get here. We got off to a great start, when we all started to meet. It was fun, and I couldn't get enough of it. October wasn't really terribly special, I went to a Halloween party for the first time, which was kinda cool but other than that, I didn't exactly feel like I did much of anything through this month. November came and it started getting colder, and not to mention, my school semester was starting to come to a close. Assignments were really cool, cause I got to interview my friend, Christian Potenza. Greatest Interviewee on the planet. But yeah, I had met all these great people within my school year and it was almost as if they had become part of my family. They were so great and I couldn't tell them how much they all meant to me. December came and finals were upon us, stress was at it's maximum and I was no exception. But by the end of everything I had made some great friends whom I just loved to death and would do anything for. And we all celebrated together by going out for drinks and a feast that will be remembered for quite some time. Christmas holidays came. And Christmas was pretty... awkward. I spent time with my mother's side of the family and after not contacting them at all, they seemed... a little hesitative towards me because I had been so distant. But could you blame me? Anyways, the new year had come to a close with me getting an audition to a small video game, which was a great closure. It was overall kind of a weird year as I had said before. More of a recovery year than anything. For next year, I really just want to be able to make myself happier and more confident in my abilities as a voice actor, and hone them, and then later to be able to make money doing what I love. So with that, I all hope you have a wonderful year, and I'll see you guys on the flippity flop.

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