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nothing at of , which is

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nothing at of , which is

4. SoulHouse Diary Day 31

SoulHouse Diary Day 31

So its Olympic time and the tag line is "inspire a generation" I can't lie the most its inspired me to do is sit on my sofa and watch loads more sport. So to prevent me from turning into a couch potato i thought i would get up and exercise (exercise being moving the crossfader from one side to another). My apologies on some of the mixes I was too busy watching the Olympics and trying to get tickets for the damn thing! Trust me if you get tickets you deserve a medal! Matthew Bandy-Jealous Of You (Rancido Deep Journey mix) 6:16 Bhunu Brill feat Percy-Should Have (Dog Deep Y'all Remix) 9:55 V.Underground, Rozalda Waters-Wait and You Will See 15:23 Alex Millet feat Cinnamon Brown-Never Give Up On Love (Sean McCabe Deepa Love Beats) 17:46 Giovanni Ikome feat Noa-Noa Bout Love (G.Ikome Original Mix) 22:45 Deep'endSoul-Vanessa's Lips (Lounge Cafe Mix) 27:14 NATURE LOVE-You Turn Me Around 2010 (Pirahnahead mix) 32:44 Warm Days feat. Swindle and Natalie Maddix-Selfish Skies (freddy da stupid redit Atjazz Remix) 37:20 Rocio Starry-Crazy (Deeper Mas Afro Deep Remix) 41:30 Davidson Ospina feat Rainy Payne-Night Vission - South Africa Remixes (Vincemo Hang Session Mix) 44:55 Marbert Rocel-Let's Take Off (Osunlade Yoruba Soul Vocal) 49:14 Afronaut feat Suheir Hammad-Eye Will Not (Nauts Original Demo-Lition) 52:42 dj cesar & renato xtrova-summer beats (freddy da stupid, p.m project dub summer rmx) 57:47 Andre Harris-In You (Innately Explicit Vox) 1:01:39 Collective Spirits-Spirit of Africa (M60 TWG) 1:06:40 Lood-Shout-N-Out (The DJ Dub) 1:11:08 Saint Etienne-Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Masters At Work dub) 1:15:19 Deep Dish, Prana-The Dream feat. BT - Sharam's Deep Dish Dreamscape

nothing at of , which is

5. Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare

Self Released album of originals written, produced, recorded, engineered and mixed by me. Viking plays bass on tracks 1, 6 and 7; Chris Slama sings backup vocals and whistles; Daniel Slama all other performances and drum machine programming. Truth or Dare truth or dare is a timid way of exposing mysteries 'bout time i step back and take a fresh new look at things cuz i've read about women collecting men for this twisted little game to build him up just to tear him down there's no mistakin the way you toss that line to see what tangles in i could never escape no matter how hard i try - so i'm here again but i saw you itchin as you faked your way through another one it's times like these that make me want you more tongue tied, twisting like a sari from a misfire to complete desire like my rocio just like my rocio one's so sweet, one got some many friends, one got money to see you through and when you can never be sure where their patience will end you want no one to follow you cuz when they come knocking on your front door you close the blinds and pace the floor you'll know how it feels to be pushed around "truth" she said, "is there something you need?" i asked like i gave a damn "just to be here with you, this is not about greed" she said as she stroked my hand but don't trust your instincts when this kind of love it comes on to flatter you take it from me you'll be better off in the end

nothing at of , which is

6. They Love New York (Play With It) (Week 35)

  • Published: 2016-09-01T15:29:59Z
  • By Paula
They Love New York (Play With It) (Week 35)

Photo by Rocío Robles. ( Lyrics: I think I love you like they love New York. I fell for you before I could even know. Now I'm looking for the pieces of my heart that I still own so you can put them back together before the song is done. I think I love you more than I should. I know I said I'd behave but I don't think I could. And you can decide if it's bad or good while I look for the way to make our fantasies come true. I think I love you like they love New York. They haven't been there and they're already in love. They talk about endless nights somewhere they don't know and I want an endless night wrapped around your arms. Cards are on the table now, and you know damn well I'm not the runaway type, Just say what you mean, we're right on time. I said I'll behave but if you throw me a bone, I'll play with it.

nothing at of , which is

7. OAHN Diss Track

OAHN Diss Track

Fuck these hoes haha Verse(1) R.A.P changed your name to R.I.PFirst up lets diss the leader, After this he wont be betterHes ugly just like his sweater, if so Scan this shit you reader(scan)I changed up and acted meaner,you haven't done shit but youve gotten fatterInstead on flexing with chains and money, how about a gym a good use of your moneyCan't believe you were taking my ex side, but ig thats were bitches belong to the side Lets talk a little more, about this dumbass runt, you said my bars werent fire but lets see cuntBefore i talk about your white bitch, how many friends you have that arent smokers bitchKaty more like kitty when roberto gave you that licky, such a hoe reminds me of bitchy She the white girl who tries to be a mexican girl, fucked around with paco now with robertoYour man says you got ass, but you dont so you have to arch your back, he felt on given up with you, but your with him for his money stackYour lives is wants gonna need some repairs,that nigga still got his fucked up hairs, dont let this frighten you with scares, i hate to remind everyone that you fell down the stairs, shut your ass up with your bull shit, change the clan to OSGS On some gay shit, better name at least make it original, add 5 bitches a very nice additionalI flex with my squad we better more known, this is our turf get out our zoneTime to take roberto down, he's just a joke nothing but a clownHow you gonna be writing songs, sing to it and never produce themGonzy was right, you should stop making cause their no meaning to themLet me count how many fucks i give here we go, i got 8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,0 fucks to giveWe got forgotten phantombeats99, against your boi swagmoney69, we already know the outcome right? I got 8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,0 fuck to give I hang with real friends you hating but thats how i liveI’m always on top of you with the better gradesYour clan is dead caused by the disease aidsBitch i aint broke i got money at the bankIf you career was a ship, it might have sank Yo ATM, which should i slide credit or debit hes a little grumpy, should i give his bitch as a deposit Fuck around with that bitchX3 Verse(2) talk about bitchass ivan bro, who went to bro to a salty ass hoe New year new me, fuck these hoes but ig you should already know Remove that hat, still fucked up hair, at least brush it or do you even care?2 against one my friends are dead to me, but dont you think thats a little unfair Move on to talk about girl, lets first begin with her name desireaI got a question for you ivan, is she even a high school graduate She drop out so i know you agree, please show everyone her highschool diploma degreeYou niggas cant diss me how i live my own life, im smarter than both of you i got the college life I dont want your embarassment to last,i van ive already dissed your bitchass from the pastAnd if we talking about chino, boi just forget about damn rocio, Posting stuff about her aint bring her back, move on to another girl just know the fact Just stay what your always good at, being the member whos useless in your packOhh damn katy, ig you can be robertos free pussyAll my friends hate or dislike you, not cause you attitude but your uglyYou cant call by our nicknames, so dont ever call gonzalo gonzyDid roberto ever tell you, that once you left to cali he felt given up on youHe didnt think you admire his hard work with you, not even two weeks hes already pusysy licking you, fuck fake friends thats you, i dont fuck with both you, i was making the diss track but you already knew,if we talking teams your clan is red my squad we blue i wouldnt be surprised if thomas went to college before the two of you

nothing at of , which is