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1. Welcome :D

Welcome :D

Hi there, I'm Tim, a very chill gamer. So I've been wanting to make something like this for quite sometime and have been patiently waiting until I got a good mic to start recording my thoughts regarding things like Video Games, Music, and maybe go into other mediums like films and TV shows. So whattya say? Will ya take a journey with me? :D - With Love, Tim

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3. Pre-Game 3: Library Twitter

Pre-Game 3: Library Twitter

Colin and Sara talk Library Twitter. Living the #librarylife, posting cat and sweater pictures, yearning for free and open sharing of information, and generally being nice to one another.

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4. Pre-Game 1: Instagram Life

Pre-Game 1: Instagram Life

Colin Sholes and Carl Vernon discuss how people use Instagram as an online community. We cover the psychology behind sharing your life with strangers, how to build up your Instagram following, and how the platform has evolved over the years. Read the full recap with source material on Medium, links on our home page music credit: Lobby Time by Kevin McLeod

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5. Pre-Game 2: /d/ is for Deviant

Pre-Game 2: /d/ is for Deviant

Colin, AK, and Carl talk 4Chan /d/ - we get tentacular, talk vore and all sorts of other things that are extremely NSFW

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