The Language of Success

Language is the medium of business. To be successful, we need to communicate effectively in writing. That’s true whether we are providing instructions to our colleagues, communicating with our customers, or advising our direct reports. We must be able to deliver clear, accurate messages that inform, persuade and motivate. Unfortunately, people lapse into habits that interfere with their ability to communicate.The Language of Successshows readers ho to avoid these mistakes, and to write lucid, concise, and accurate e-mails, letters, performance appraisals, and presentations. Now anyone can master the lost art of clear writing and:
  • eliminate ambiguities, jargon and grandiose claims
  • master proper paragraph structure so the message doesn’t get muddled
  • avoid wishy-washy or misleading terms like “world class” or “state of the art”
  • write clear concise sentences that follow the “first time right rule”
  • use e-mail professionally and efficiently
  • create career-enhancing reports

Honest and authoritative,The Language of Successwill gives readers practical techniques to help readers cut through the fluff, guff, geek, and hyperbole, write exceptional business documents, and get their message heard.

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