The Little Witch

“Once upon a time there was a little witch who was only a hundred and twenty-seven years old.” And so begins the delightful story of the Little Witch and her talking pet raven, Abraxas. It’s Walpurgis Night, when all the witches of the land meet to dance on Brocken mountain. The Little Witch, who is too small, isn’t invited, but she decides to go anyway and is discovered by her evil aunt Rumpumpel. As punishment, the Little Witch’s broomstick is burned and she must make the three-day journey back home on foot. Before she leaves, the Head Witch tells her that she may attend Walpurgis Night next year if she promises to become a “good” witch. Unfortunately, Abraxas misunderstands and advises the Little Witch to do good deeds, not realizing that in order to be a “good” witch she must do the opposite. During the year the Little Witch does truly good deeds. When she returns to Brocken Mountain at the next Walpurgis Night, to stand before the Witches’s Council, there is a showdown. But it’s the Little Witch who has the last laugh.

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