The LOK: A book in the Partha Wars Series

The story unfolds on the Victorian retro modern world of Partha Terra, a world of magic and advanced steam power. The alien race known as the Razium whose unending wars destroyed their own worlds, took what was left of their armada and fought their way across the stars in search of the magical power of the Labrynthain gates. Under a flag of truce they betrayed their new found allies, and in a coup for power assassinated the King of Ultima Thule. Walker, one of the few surviving Spartan Paladins, the Kings personal guard, has to try and find the Kings only remaining son; the Prince Lincoln. The prince is a Lok or mage and is the only one alive who can use the power of the Tempest, an ability that allows him to open the magical gates of the Labrynthian. On his journey Walker meets Tasha, Commander of a mad gangster’s personal army, and gets dragged into her plight against the Razium’s allies, the outcast Elves of the Dru-Nar. Lincoln has been in hiding with his uncle Matias, the commander of a small fortress Castle in a southern province of Ultima Thule. Matias is secretly readying to take Lincoln to see the Lok masters of White City so he can learn to control his growing powers and use them to reunite the people of Ultima Thule. However, after 7 years of searching, Nemsor Vaul, the diabolical leader of the Razium has found information about the Prince’s location, and has sent his monstrous Zajust lords to find him. This is a fantastic journey of friendship, adventure, romance and combat that leads these characters on a collision course across the Planet. From the frozen castle prison of Ice Well, to the excessive Elven city of Royal. Follow the prince as he tries to unravel the mysteries of the Labrynthian, and the Spartan Paladin as he tries to find the prince, as he tries to find the LOK.

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