The Secret Garden

Can Mary change her ways and bring happiness back to Misselthwaite?

When Mary’s parents fall ill in India, she is forced to travel to England to live with her uncle Mr Craven at Misselthwaite Manner.

Mary is spoilt and bad mannered, she does not enjoy playing with other children and is very unhappy at her new home.

That is until she hears about a secret garden.

Determined to find the door, Mary befriends a robin and a young boy named Dickon. As she tends to the garden, she brings life and laughter back to Misselthwaite manner.

Discover the beauty of this well-loved classic, and wander through the secret garden alongside Mary, Dickon and the others. 

Carefully retold in clear contemporary language, and presented with delightful illustrations, these favourite classic stories will capture the heart and imagination of young readers. 

By retelling the story in a shorter, simpler form, children will find these books highly engaging, and the colour illustrations help with both comprehension and interest level.

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