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1. September


with a manipulated Fieldrecord from Lufrum

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2. Cyborg Love

Cyborg Love

Hello Friends. This is a Record i loved to produce and I hope you like it too. If you are interested to work on it, let me know, we can get in Contact. take my best wishes yours (▲)

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3. Black Knight Satellite Cassini

Black Knight Satellite Cassini

As Cassini makes its final approach to Saturn, this page will be updated with the latest mission status. For an updated timeline of planned mission milestones, see the End of Mission Timeline. End of Mission September 15, 2017 Source "Nasa"

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4. New Eden

New Eden

A Tribute to New Eden. one of my very early Tracks uploaded again. EvE Online is a massive Multiplayer Online Rollplay Game that is a unlimited Sandbox in Space. From Mining Minerals in Asteroids building Industry on Planets and the Construction of New Items up to Fleetcommands of Loyality Emperors or Pirats, everything you want. thanks for listen. this was created already in June 2016 and was one of my first things I ever have worked.. best regards (▲)

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5. Cosm.outro.naut (followed the Call)

Cosm.outro.naut (followed the Call)

My Friend Urs has opened a Call to Collab so I followed this Call. Its an open Session so If you feel touched to Collab to the Original Tune or load the Stems pls take a look on his Site @urswild The Original Track is named Cosm. The whole Collection will be released as single via Technz Records from the great Weapon Master Guido Braun a gentle Badass. @technzrecords Thank you for listen and support this Projects as mine too. Yours (▲)

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6. behind Nature Law (early Vision 1.0)

behind Nature Law (early Vision 1.0)

Salut Friends. This is an early cut from a possibly new Album that I gonna to initiate coming weeks. dark Percussion to dark Trippy Ambient. Thanks for listen. your Friend (▲)

nothing at of , which is

7. Dieu (Demo)

Dieu (Demo)

thanks to cymatics for some used samples. thanks for listen ! this is a Demo. not sure if it will be mastered. maybe if you support enought and rly like it I make a rework to it. cheers

nothing at of , which is

8. Sarangi Meditation

Sarangi Meditation

This Track was builded in a Trancestatus of the deep Vibes and Instruments of India. your Support is appreciated! thanks for listen ((( ◙ )))

nothing at of , which is

9. Montauk


another Experimental Track. working on this idea right now. cheers.

nothing at of , which is

10. Gold digger

Gold digger

just a prank bro

nothing at of , which is

12. Somatic Cell

Somatic Cell

Fuck professionalism. lets start some experiments again. cheers (▲)

nothing at of , which is

14. November


This is the Prototype of "November" will be remastered in August 2018 together with the other Tracks from my upcoming "Galactic Looper" Album. Your Support is appreciated. Thanks for listen best regards (((◙)))

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15. Hain auf dem Weinberg (Dan meets Abraxas) excerpt

Hain auf dem Weinberg (Dan meets Abraxas) excerpt

We had a small session at Home and give you some excerpt from our Journey. thanks for listen. @ Dan ♥

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16. Dwarf´s dusky sweeper

Dwarf´s dusky sweeper

the was a litle dwarf feeling tired from the long Day in Forrestwork. He was so tired that he forgot to turn off the light at his beautiful Home... have a good time Friends ♥♫

nothing at of , which is

17. Rescue Parts

Rescue Parts

fieldrecorded with tablet X) worx too some of my instruments on the photography , enjoy this small piece that just came from its own in very small time and builded itself. nyoi A*

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18. the wildered Window (v0.1)

the wildered Window (v0.1)

i found that nice whistlebell and was absolut fascinated. later i remind that it sounds a bit like fevers grow up. how ever. i liked it,. even when its an easy piece without big sensations. to me it brings nice calm. thanks for support. Cheers VoA

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