Yeti! Were?

Sela’s a hot, curvaceous werewolf who minds her own business, and is simply trying to live a normal life. Little does she know that her world is about to come crashing down. The last thing she’s expecting is to cross paths with a yeti. But that’s exactly what happens when a crazy pack-mate locks her in a freezer. Yup, you guessed it…with a goddamn yeti. At which point, that seemingly normal life of hers begins to spiral out of control. Starting with the hotter than hot man licking his chops that’s fully intent on eating her…sadly for her, she, and not what’s between her legs is on the menu. Though at first Yosi cursed himself for ever having stopped in this backwoods town for a bite to eat, he’s now happier than a pig in shit that he did. Because the mundane life he’s led now revolves around finding as many ways to pleasure his luscious mate, Sela, that his dirty little mind can think up. Yeti! Were? contains the four short stories: Ice Cold Yeti, Are We There Yeti?, Yeti! Again, and Not Yeti!. These titles have been previously released with another publisher.

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